I’m very happy to report that Project Connect staff is preparing the data for my compromise urban rail proposal, as I requested after the May 2 Central Corridor Advisory Group (CCAG) meeting and formalized in my letter on May 8.

Project Connect project manager Kyle Keahey acknowledged my request and told me the team will release the Grove-to-Dean Keeton data at today’s CCAG meeting, as well as data for several other scenarios. I will continue to push for a detailed presentation of the facts, comparison data on other cities’ rail projects, and evidence that the Project Connect staff’s estimation models are accurate.

I also plan to seek feedback from a broad set of community members since the Project Connect process does not seem to be gathering community feedback (much less reporting it back to CCAG). I will request that Project Connect host a televised town hall on the key choices of stops, phasing, etc prior to CCAG’s June 13 vote and to comprehensively report the feedback collected from that town hall to CCAG at least 48 hours before the June 13 meeting.